Experience shared :

On 10th May 2018 ship's crew found one stowaway on car deck #4, in morning upon arrival Esbjerg(Denmark). The stowaway came on board at last port Zeebrugge(Belgium) hiding in a vehicle.
The Police came on board and took the stowaway who is Algerian national ashore into their custody.
Vessel was detained but then was allowed to sail.

Cautions to Master & all Ship staff :
1. So far, stowaway in Zeebrugge is rare, but in recent years a large number of immigrants flowing into Europe may be affecting.
Please be aware that there is a possibility of stowaway incident even at European port.

2. Ship personnel on ISPS duty and all Crew members must be vigilant against stowaway & unwanted visitors at all times and must strictly follow the ISPS procedures and take all necessary precautions as per the Ship's Security Plan.

Shared By :

Capt. Sachin Khaire